Ten Tory ministers went out to dine.
One choked on caviar. Then there were nine.

Nine Tory ministers dismantling the state.
One dismantled herself. Then there were eight.

Eight Tory ministers coked up to heaven.
One snorted Ajax. Then there were seven.

Seven Tory ministers playing dirty tricks.
One got their collar felt. Then there were six.

Six Tory ministers calling you a skive.
One never went to work. Then there were five.

Five Tory ministers buggering the poor.
The poor buggered one of them. Then there were four.

Four Tory ministers trying to skin a flea.
One skinned his own mother. Then there were three.

Three Tory ministers debating the EU.
One lost a referendum. Then there were two.

Two Tory ministers hunting with a gun.
One shot the other’s back. Then there was one.

One Tory minister ruling all alone.
He had a strangle wank. Then there were none.


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